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“It’s better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.”

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2015, Detroit, Michigan, In the blestering cold of winter. The blood of Murray Murphy seeped into the snow after meeting the cold metal slugs of a Glock 45″. Murray’s death was one that bored a hole in the heart of Abdul Raheem Shabazz, his personal bodyguard. The Murphy’s blamed Raheem for his death, and some of them vowed or waw him eye pay. One in particular had nothing but bloodlust in his eyes every time he gazed at a picture of Raheem or saw eye to eye. Leon Murphy. Loen was sadistic in nature, even to his own family. Murray’s death only gave him a reason to express that side of him. Raheem had never lost a client before in this entire career. Losing Murray Murphy was a blow he couldn’t live with; at least not in the same city were Murray’s murder happened. With the case growing cold, Raheem left town with his family; all four wives, and moved to California for a fresh start.

Abdul Raheem Shabazz
Bodyguard, Professional Security

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